Saturday, May 03, 2008

With Friends Like This Who Needs Friends

In general, we feel the need for acceptance from everyone. We have this weird sense of our own "coolness" where we find it hard to accept that maybe some people do not like us. Whether it is a breakup or co-workers who leave you off their standard invites, we all want to understand why someone does not want to be our friend (or more). But if we think about things rationally, it's amazing that anyone wants to be our friend. Think about all the people you have known. For one reason or another, we have all decided most of these people are not worth our time. So it's actually common or even the rule to not be particularly close with someone else.

Maybe I'm just in a weird place in my life but I really do not care what others think about me. Now of course I do not mean I act like a jerk to others. Or I don't wish to make new friends. I'm just at a place in my life where I am very comfortable with myself and do not feel like I need to conform to have others like me. Besides being pointless, it sucks trying to be someone you are not. I am too old to do that anymore.

So why are we so concerned with what others think about us? Obviously it sucks to get rejected but in the end it's really the other person's loss. Or maybe it's not. But energy should be spent on meeting as many people as possible and trying as many new experiences as possible. I know this is rambling and has no point so I'll just end abruptly.


Tom G friends


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