Saturday, May 03, 2008

Punk Rock Anthems

There are so many incredible punk songs that everyone should be aware of. For one reason or another, these songs are not as mainstream popular as they deserve. So as a service, I would like to highlight a couple songs that are classic punk rock anthems. And if you're into punk or indie, these are definitely no-brainers. Focusing on underappreciated artists, which is why there is no Clash or Sex Pistols etc.

"Blank Generation" - Richard Hell and the Voidoids

Such a great song. Could be considered the punk rock anthem of NY CBGB scene. Love the opening lyrics - "I was saying let me out of here before I was even born/It's such a gamble when you get a face." In a better world, Blank Generation was actually used as a reference to the punk rock generation.

"Gloria" - Patti Smith

It's not that Patti Smith isn't well known. I just don't think people fully understand why she's famous. Not unlike Iggy Pop, except she actually owns and wears shirts. And I know she's in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame, but I think a very small percentage of the US could name a Patti Smith song. Which is a shame because "Horses" deserves its place as a classic album. And the best song is her version of "Gloria", where she just tears it apart.

"Academy Fight Song" - Mission of Burma

So excited to catch Mission of Burma live at this year's Pitchfork Music Festival. I know I keep hyping them, but they truly are one of the best and least known bands ever. And my favorite song is "Academy Fight Song".

"Kick Out The Jams" - MC5

Right about now it's time to...kick out the jams mothafuckas! 'Nuff said!

"Bastards of Young" - The Replacements

Before my time, The Replacements were the epitome of cool. Hell, Heathers name checked frontman Paul Westerberg in the name of their school. And while many songs could fit on this post, I have a soft spot for "Bastards of Young".

"Not Great Men" - Gang of Four

Wow, what a band. Such an influence on music that has eventually made it to the mainstream. So ahead of their time. I'll admit to taking a long time to fully appreciate this song. On the liner notes, Flea checks this song. Initially, I did not get it. Now, I can't think of another song that better represents the greatness of Gang of Four.

"What Do I Get?" - The Buzzcocks

Hard to have a list of punk rock anthems and not litter it with singles from The Buzzcocks. If you've ever heard Green Day, then you've heard The Buzzcocks.

"History Lesson Part II - The Minutemen"

D Boon perfectly summed up punk rock in the opening lyric - "Our Band Could Be Your Life". In fact, this whole song is an ode to punk rock. I remember instantly wanting to learn this song after I heard it. And yes, this is Bob Dylan to me.

I'm sure I'm missing tons of obvious songs but this is what I've got right now. I wish I could discover these songs all again. ENJOY!


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