Sunday, May 18, 2008

Life Is Crap Hall of Fame

The Penny

Old Man Gould here to induct another worthy entry into the Life is Crap Hall of Crap. Todays inductee is the Penny, which will join such luminaries of crapitude like Jerry O'Connell, Jason and Jeremy London, and The Wave. Let's get to it.

If I had the power I would actually induct change in general. But since that would be too extreme, we'll just restrict it to the Penny...for right now. Maybe it's just because I find myself overwhelmed with change but that's reason enough. Seriously, why do we need pennies?

Back in the good old days I can understand why we needed pennies. For a penny could actually buy you something. Of course, at this time women and blacks could not vote. So we do adjust, which we should do with the penny. It is an idea that has outlived its usefullness. In fact, it now costs more than 1 cent to produce a penny. Think how insane that is and tell me why we should continue producing them?

So for being an idea that is pass its time and has entered the realm of total crapiness, I will now induct the Penny into the Life is Crap Hall of Crap.


Life Is Crap Hall of Crap Penny Tom G


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