Saturday, May 03, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Saw "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" this afternoon and it was absolutely hilarious. It's right up there with "40 Year Old Virgin" and "Superbad". Really is an instant classic. All the performances were wonderful and the minor characters were especially funny. Loved Jack McBrayer's (Kenneth the page from "30 Rock") character, who had some great lines. But then so did Paul Rudd and Jonah Hill. I can't recommend this movie more. Will definitely buy it on the day it comes out. And it's definitely very inspiring to a wannabe comedy writer, not unlike seeing a greater rock concert only to play guitar when you get home.

One last thing - Mila Kunis is gorgeous. Did not think much of her as Jackie on "That 70s Show" but she's a total knockout in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall". Simply stunning.


Forgetting Sarah Marshall comedy Apatow Mila Kunis


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