Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Dealer Is Balanced

The Dealer, aka Mark Halperin of Time, pulled one of the biggest tricks of the right wing propaganda machine last night on The Charlie Rose Show. It's called when your guy has a liability, just state that all candidates have the same liability. Therefore, you can take said issue/topic off the table and only focus on the issues your candidate excels at, ie, the only issues that matter.

Last night he had the nerve to state that all 3 remaining candidates do not have a grasp on economic issues. He even went so far to say they are the 3 presidential candidates with the least grasp that he can remember. Yes, you read that right. Even less than the most incompetent president ever who can't ride a bike, eat pretzels, or walk down a flight of stairs without risking death. Now, you might say I'm being unfair but riddle me this. Whose weakness is acknowledged as the economy and which candidates are considered knowledgeable about the economy? Do you think it would be beneficial for the right wing propaganda machine to make economics either a tie or even off the table when comparing candidates. But that's exactly what The Dealer is trying to do.

I just wish these goddamn pundits and "experts" would stop trying to elect our officials.


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