Saturday, April 19, 2008

Rock of Love

So last Sunday it was revealed whom Bret Michaels chose as his rock of love. To the surprise of me, he chose Ambre, the crazy chick who felt the need to yell advice condescendingly to each contestant while "falling in love" with Bret. This was a surprise to me, as I thought for sure he would select the crazy stripper Daisy who shook uncontrollable at every elimination ceremony. On the plus side, he selected a crazy chick. Though tomorrow we will have the reunion special to tell us that Bret is still not with Ambre and prepare us for Rock of Love 3.

Can't wait for Season 3 so Bret can finally find his Rock of Love. Couple thoughts that have remained since Sunday:

- Bret is so classy that he gave the exact same necklace to both ladies. Guess he didn't want one to feel special. Or he has an endless supply of cheap necklaces for instances where his celebrity doesn't guarantee sex.

- The final ceremony was priceless. It was like something out of the future...from some cheesy '70s porno. The crazy chicks walk down the steps to face the odd stone walkway. With slight smoke coming out of the structure, Bret walks from ynderneath the surface to face the women. He is wearing a silver suit that is from some totally kickass planet.

- Did Bret not learn from Season 1? When the option is between the crazy stripper and the crazy "normal" person who's in love with you, always choose the crazy stripper. At least you should have a couple weeks of loving.

- The awful phrase Bret will not let die - I'm not looking for rock of life or rock of lust, I'm looking for my rock of love.

Such a great show. Bret is such a loser.


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