Saturday, April 12, 2008

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Since I'm always giving my ideas away on this blog, what's another idea. After all, I trust our 10 readers to not rip off my ideas. In an earlier post I mentioned a spec script I will be writing for the show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". According to my cousin who just graduated from The University of Michigan with a film degree an aspiring writer show have a couple spec scripts in their portfolio. So I chose "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" - the greatest show on TV.

My Episode Title - Mac Get AIDS

The episode starts with Charlie and Dennis at Paddy's. Charlie just got "dumped" by some girl. Basically, it needs to be as pathetic as possible. He tells Dennis he wants to find someone to marry. In walks Mac with a purpose. He slams the newspaper on the bar and says, check out this bullshit. Charlie picks up the paper and reads the headline which has nothing to do with Mac's outrage. Mac then flips to the page on wedding announcements and tells them to look at this. Dennis gets excited as someone they knew from high school is getting married. At this point, Mac freaks out. He tells them that she was his backup or whatever the term is for the person you agree to marry if you reach an age and neither is married (mine was Kristie Hale but has become Erica).

So Mac decides he's going to prevent this marriage from ever happening. After all, at the very least she should have informed him. After discussions with Charlie, they settle on confronting her with news that Mac has a terminal disease. The idea is that she'll feel sorry for Mac, spend time with him, fall for him, and then he'll miraculously be cured and they can start dating (or at least sleep with her). Brilliant idea!

Mac and Charlie arrive at her place and talk with her. Once they get to the point of discussing the terminal disease, Charlie incorrectly mentions that Mac has AIDS. As she walks away to answer the phone, Mac gets outraged at Charlie - "she's not gonna sleep with someone she thinks has AIDS". They agree to hang out at Paddy's later.

At Paddy's, the backup brings a friend that Charlie is interested in. She is clearly not interested in Charlie in that way. In fact, she keeps insinuating that Charlie and Mac are a couple. After some failed attempts, Charlie realizes her points and decides to play along so he can spend more time with her.

Realizing his plan is failing, Mac brings in Dennis to sleep with his backup. That way, her fiancee will have to break up with her. At this point, a ton of shit goes down. Ultimately, Mac's backup calls off the wedding. She decides to date Mac. Early in the date Mac realizes he doesn't want to date her and breaks it off. THE END.

Obviously I haven't worked out all the details. I still have no place for Sweet Dee or Frank but I'm working on it. Hopefully I'll start tomorrow and have a first draft completed next week.


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