Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Head For the Rockies

Funny how when you come back from vacation you need a couple days to get back in the swing of things. I have been very unproductive the first 2 days this week but think I have that out of my system. Went to visit my friends in Denver and it was a lot of fun. Some highlights:

- Discovering I have a fear of heights / mild case of vertigo. While hiking in Boulder I suddenly became nervous and unsteady once we reached above the trees. So much so I had to head back down and was actually fine once I was hidden behind the trees. But I did feel like I missed out somewhat, even if there was just a little left on that trail.

- Go Cubs Go! While the Cubs lost the game I attended, I was outside Coors Field Wednesday night as the Cubs beat the Rockies. Pretty unbelievable that the crowd went wild, sounding as if the home team won. And the stadium was pretty incredible, covered with Cubs fans. Nice stadium too, except for the barrage of music in between innings.

- Oh Fat Tire, how I love thee. Went to Ft Collins to The New Belgium brewery, which brews Fat Tire beer. While the tours were sold out, we did get to do a tasting. Now I have some new favorite beers courtesy of New Belgium. And a new shirt and bottle opener.

- Visited Buffalo Bill's grave at the top of Lookout Mountain. What a great view. It was so weird, in a good way, to have the mountains around you. And my friends backyard view is a mountain. And the trail I ran in the morning was in front of those mountains. Growing up in the flat midwest, I marvel at the beauty of mountains.

- Drove past the Jon Benet Ramsey house. Amazing how everything can be found on the Internet.


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Blogger Craig said...

Tom - Welcome back to Chicago, where we don't have the basketball or hockey playoffs to distract us from the fact that
1) Both the Cubs and White Sox are in first place
2) The Bears did not feel the need to draft a QB because Grossman and Kyle Orton are the future

Good times!

4/30/2008 11:49:00 AM  
Blogger Tom G said...

Yeah, I have no idea what the Bears are thinking. From a pure comedy standpoint, it's great having Sexy and Orton. But it would be nice to have even an average quarterback.

NBA and NHL playoffs have been pretty great so far, though I often forget to watch because their is no local interest.

5/03/2008 02:45:00 PM  

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