Sunday, April 13, 2008

Don't Worry, Be Happy

Are we really so stupid or sensitive as a country that we can not handle bad news? Obama's "bitter" gaffe is just the latest in a long line of outrage because someone dared to tell the truth. Sure, he worded it poorly and I'll agree with the criticism that is was condescending. But the factual matter is true - we are bitter. Bush's approval rating is below 30%. 81% of us believe we are on the wrong track. Incomes have not increased for all but the super wealthy over the last 10 years. Oil prices have skyrocketed, which are now being reflected in our food prices. There is the mortgage and housing mess we are just starting to face. Our economy is in the shitter. Our government has admitted to authorizing and administering torture, being involved enough to discuss actual cases. We have been spied on illegally. And there's still the most glorious war ever raging on in Iraq with no end in sight. Yeah, I think people might be bitter.

Yet to admit that things might not be going the way we want them to is beyond the pale. Don't ask and don't tell and everything will magically work out. I just know that pony is around the corner and it will go great with my magic can of beans. But we see it all the time. If you happen to speak out against the most glorious war ever you are an Un-American terrorist lover who is aiding and abetting the enemy and desperately wants a Muslim state in America. If you dare to say we are in a recession then you and your kind will be responsible for whatever recession that comes along. If you believe The Constitution should not be violated you are once again aiding and abetting the enemy, which is currently the terrorists but could be changed on a dime.

The message comes through loud and clear - sit back, keep quiet, and pretend everything is ok. The fact that messengers are attacked so viciously with such drama indicates that this is a goal and will continue. The elites want to prevent dissent. We should be happy for what we have and never strive for anything more than they decide we should have. For once you eliminate dissent you lose all opposition to your radical ideas. You can do anything you want and we will be powerless to stop them.

It's sickening to think what this administration along with the media, many many Democrats, corporate whores, etc have done to our great country. We should be protesting in the streets. There should be mass boycotts. We should be demanding accountability and fairness and our right to aspire to greater heights. But as long as we have our American Idol we'll be placated. It's easier to pretend that everything is alright than actually admit how much we have been screwed. It's hard not to cry or at least feel extremely powerless. I complain because I know we can do better. And until we admit things are f$cked up we'll never be able to fix them. In general, you don't fix something that's working well. But if everyone who complains is branded as un-American, then we'll never have anything to fix. There will be no problems. And the elites can continue raping all of us.

So sit back and relax because everything is just peachy. Don't worry your pretty little head over things like the economy or The Constitution or wars. When has the economy ever affected your life? When have you ever really used The Constitution, with its quaint notions of rights for all citizens? And why concern yourself with any matters related to war - you are not currently over there.

Yet we sit back and expect these same people who perpetuated this ginormous shitstorm to figure out the way to fix it. To take the time to start working on solutions that will benefit the many over their handful of friends. To finally get it right and hold themselves accountable. To see the error of their ways and change. When all they have done is deflect all criticisms and accountability. Instead of working to fix their mistakes, they exert ten times more energy to prove the were NOT wrong. And these are the people who will save us?

So I say it's time to get angry. Anger will hopefully spur action. And action will hopefully spur change. For we are entitled to just as much as anyone else. Our society is supposed to be free and equal. It's time the majority was treated as nicely as the handful of elites. I may just be a damn dirty hippie but I deserve to be treated as well anyone else in this country, no better. I do worry and I am angry and I don't apologize for that. And I will continue to worry and to be angry until my country alleviates my concerns.


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