Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Dirt

Just finished reading "The Dirt" and I must totally recommend it. If you grew up on '80s heavy metal like I did, then it's a must read. "The Dirt" is the Motley Crue story told from all band members and other people who were around for the ride. Each person gets their chance to speak, often on the same situation. This is fascinating, especially when Tommy Lee tells one story that is contradicted by everyone else. Don't let the 400+ pages scare you off, it's a quick and borderline essential read.

Key highlights/hilarity/insights include:

- How the hell are all 4 members still alive? Vince Neil killed a man. Nikki Sixx was dead for a couple minutes. They all slept with anything that moved (and some that didn't). How did they not contract AIDS? Yet they are all alive. In their own way they are medical miracles.

- Nikki Sixx may be the biggest a-hole that ever lived. It's approaching fact status.

- Given the level of drug use, how did "Theatre of Pain" and "Girls, Girls, Girls" deliver any hit songs?

- Nikki's pool design may be the worst idea, yet funniest idea, all wrapped in one.

- When Tommy Lee is the most normal member, your band has issues.

- Mick Mars is messed up

As I age, I find '80s heavy metal much more palatable. Maybe it's nostalgia, but it's turned from joke into something I actually enjoy listening to. In fact, I just received "Shout at the Devil" from amazon.com. And you know what, it's pretty kickass. Much more punk than you would assume with glam metal. Then again, I would probably hurt myself if forced to listen to "Theatre of Pain". But even a band like Motley Crue released some great music. At some point we are going to have a return to butt rock and I'm not nearly as scared as I once was. Then again, Warrant, Winger, and White Lion still scare me. And I own 2 of those groups tapes. And those are only the W's.


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