Saturday, April 12, 2008

Deep Thought of The Day

If a Democrat had approval ratings in the 40s there would be calls for impeachment (how can he govern effectively when the majority of Americans don't approve of him?). In fact, they tried to remove a popular President less than 10 years ago. Now that we have a Republican President with approval ratings below 30% we hear nothing. Almost makes you wonder whether there are one set of rules for Democrats and a completely other set for Republicans. After all, Democrats have to work their asses off to prove they can connect with "regular folk". If they fail to show enough bowling ability or order the wrong drink in a diner or use the wrong hand when drinking a beer they are showing how out of touch they are with the "regular folk". However, the Republican nominee who has his whole political career bankrolled by his second wife's family fortunes is assumed to automatically connect with "regular folk". In fact, his million dollar "cabin" is referred to as rustic, even if it looks like the Corleone compound in Godfather 2.

Meanwhile, all analysis of the issues, the things that actually will affect these "regular folk", is missing. Guess it's just too hard for the media to wrap their simple little heads around.


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