Sunday, April 06, 2008

Additional Nirvana Thought

As the Seattle music revolution took hold, it is interesting that band did not actually emulate Nirvana. Sure, aspects of Nirvana popped up everywhere. But there were no successful Nirvana copycats. At least not in the sense that Pearl Jam ripoffs like Candlebox and Creed and Stone Temple Pilots and Seven Mary 3 etc dominated the radio. I'd like to think it's because Nirvana was too hard to ripoff, which is weird considering how basic their songs were. Hell, I learned almost every Nirvana song on guitar and I suck. True explanation is that rock radio decided to follow Pearl Jam and that's the explanation. Still, you would have expected some bands to follow Nirvana. I guess the punk rock of Green Day and Rancid was in that vein. But that never included band directly copying Nirvana like the countless bands that copied Pearl Jam. This may explain why Nirvana is so revered, which owes as much to chance as anything else. People may take out their hatred of bands like Creed unfairly on Pearl Jam. Or it may be that Nirvana's blend of influences may be too difficult to emulate. For while the music may be simplistic, it's frickin' melodies are otherworldly. It's a cross between punk and the Beatles. Might be easier top project apathy than write insanely catchy melodies.


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