Sunday, March 02, 2008


Over the last few months I have gotten into Dario Argento movies. According to my brother, he is considered the Italian Hitchcock. I can see this, as he blurs the line between suspense and horror while usually having some type of surprise ending. A latter day Hitchcock may be a better description, though he was not that far removed from Hitchcock.

So far I have only made it through a handful of his movie. I know that "Suspiria" is considered one of his masterpieces but I didn't like it. Maybe I just don't find witches fascinating or maybe the movie was not good. Either way, I would not recommend it. But the other 3 movies I have seen were fantastic. My personal favorite was "Opera", which I can not recommend more highly. I'll leave it up to you to find out the plot if that's your thing. All I want to impart is my liking of that movie.

The other 2 movies I saw were "Deep Red" and "The Bird With The Crystal Plummage". I really enjoyed both. To be fair, if the DVD were better I may prefer "Deep Red" to "Opera". However, "Deep Red" is hard to watch. The DVD skips between subtitles and dubbing, which makes the experience harder to enjoy. Still a great movie, but you have to watch in spite of the technical difficulties. "The Bird With The Crystal Plummage" was more a function of my tiredness. Unfortunately I saw the first 30 minutes, kinda fell asleep, and then saw the surprise ending. No real point to go back at that point, since I knew the surprise. My brother swears by this movie so that must count for something. And I enjoyed what I saw - definitely tiredness and not boredom.

So if you like suspense/horror movies I highly recommend Dario Argento movies. Personally, I would start with "Opera" though the music from The Goblins in "Deep Red" is pretty damn awesome.


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