Thursday, March 27, 2008

Music Help

This probably corresponds with an idea I posted a few weeks ago that I mean to get to. At that time I referred to it as A Perfect Album. Now, I think I have it better defined.

Basically, I'm in a rut musically. I could use some help in discovering new music. And when I say new music, it just needs to be new to me. Or to my ears at this moment. So I am looking for any suggestions on CDs that you believe everyone should own. While I may already own it, this type of thing usually sparks many months of discovering music I have overlooked for one reason or another.

And that is what leads me back to A Perfect Album. What I am looking to do with those series of posts is not to spout off my favorite CDs or my desert island CDs or anything like that. Rather, they are the CDs that I believe everyone should own. This may seem like a contradiction but let me explain. My idea of CDs everyone should own relies heavily on CDs that (1) I can not stop listening to and falling in love with and (2) lead me to spend a lot of energy trying to find similar bands or own everything by said artist. In some ways, this will lead me away from hugely popular CDs since it will be hard to hear the songs on their own. Or rather, CDs with songs played non-stop on the radio or TV/movies will be at a disadvantage. For I may think "OK Computer" is one of the greatest CDs ever but it's hard to say everyone should probably own it when...everyone already owns it.

So send your suggestions along. I'll start my series soon with "Fun House" by The Stooges. With the exception of "Nevermind", no CD may have affected my musical tastes and the path I took more.


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