Saturday, March 01, 2008

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

During Christmas I was exposed to the greatest TV show I had never seen. It's called "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" and I highly recommend you check it out.

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" revolves around 4 friends who own a bar together, called Paddy's, in Philadelphia. The gang, as they refer to themselves, includes Mac, Dennis, Sweet Dee, and Charlie. The show reminds me a lot of "Seinfeld" or "Curb Your Enthusiasm" in the sense that they take topics you would not expect to be funny and make them hilarious. This includes abortion, racism, underage drinking, etc. And just like those other shows, the characters only think about themselves and never ever think about the consequences. Inevitably this leads to hilarity.

Since I was just introduced to this show, I've only seen the first 2 seasons which are on DVD. From IMDB and some other internet sites it appears that Season 3 might not have been as good. Even so, if it is close to as good it would still be better than 90% of what is on TV right now. As someone with writing aspirations, I marvel at "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". Not to take anything away from the acting, but the show is just so well written. There is very little that is not part of the humor. As a writer it seems like you spend so much time setting up the joke and then if you are unfortunate spend time explaining the joke. This show is just non-stop laughs.

The great thing about the show is how often I switch my favorite characters. Initially it was Charlie, as he's the goofiest character and definitely the lowest status. In general, this ends up being the funniest character. But the more you watch the show the more you appreciate what each character brings. And the addition of Danny DeVito was pure genius and brought the show to a completely different level.

Again, I highly recommend "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".


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