Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Watching the glorious triumphant that has been the Iraq War celebrated over the past week has been really hard to stomach. Apparently the only people qualified to talk about said glorious glorious war are the same assholes that have been wrong about this occupation from the very beginning. But the most any will ever go is to claim it was just executed poorly. Otherwise, it would have been a glorious and successful war instead of just glorious. My God, this is insanity. If some doctor broke my kneecap because he was convinced I needed to be operated on for a tumor and then no tumor was found, I sure as hell wouldn't let him try to fix my kneecap. And when he proceeded to divert resources from my kneecap to focus on a heart murmur he claimed existed when all evidence was to the contrary, I would not listen to him either. And when he repeatedly f$cked up my life even more by doing preventably stupid shit, you better believe I would not give a f$ck what he thought. Still, that's what passes for Seriousness for the media. Then again, if I f$cked up as much as the media did, I might not want to shine a mirror on my capabilities to assess the situation in Iraq. For even someone as dumb as I knew what a horribly foolish and misguided atrocity Iraq 2: Electric Boogaloo was to become. And I hate being right about this shit all the goddamn time. But now I got dumbf$ck Jim Cramer telling me that the market will go up with news that McCain/Republicans are poised to take over The White House. Yes, same Republicans who created this f$ckin' financial disaster.

Save me Jeebus!


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