Saturday, March 01, 2008

The Hackensack Bulls

I've decided to once again play dorky baseball, aka simulated baseball. Just like my dorky basketball team, it's an extremely dorkier version of fantasy sports. You pick players based on a salary cap of $100 million, with players salaries based on performance and popularity. You also pick a home park and then games are simulated. This was so much fun last year when I had Steve "Bye Bye" Balboni outslug Babe Ruth. Well, I have another team, also called The Hackensack Bulls. They are playing at old Tiger Stadium and should dominate the league. Below is my lineup - will keep you posted of progress.

IB - Cecil Fielder
2B - Glenn Beckert
3B - Mike Schmidt
SS - Greg Gagne
LF - Dave Henderson
CF - Otis Nixon
RF - Dave Winfield
C - Matt Nokes

SP - Early Wynn
SP - Don Gullett
SP - Joaquin Andujar
SP - Milt Wilcox
SP - Steve Stone
CL - Steve Bedrosian


P - Andy Hawkins
P - Calvin Shiraldi
P - Gary Ross
C - Damon Berryhill
C - Eddie Perez
IF - Mark Lemke
IF - Craig Paquette
IF - Dale Sveum
SS - Rafael Santana
OF - Terry Francona
OF - Cory Snyder


P - Pete Burnside
P - Jim Shellenback
IF/OF - Mickey Hatcher

My strategy was to go for a home run hitting team and a team with good but not great pitchers who could eat up a lot of innings. We'll see what happens on opening day this Monday. GO BULLS!


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