Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good Luck Cincinnati

With the start of baseball season tomorrow night*, now seems like the appropriate time to offer good luck to Cincinnati Reds' fans. For their start of the Dusty Baker era is about to begin and dude, y'all gonna need all the luck possible.

The best part about any Dusty Baker era is the beginning. For he's a snakesoil salesman posing as a baseball manager and he'll blind you to his ultimate crappiness initially. Add in the low standards of baseball recently for the Reds, and I almost guarantee Dusty will be the most beloved figure in town. But don't believe the hype. He will leave your baseball town in worst shape then when he arrived. He will ruin your pitching staff, including any youth, by extending then past their bodies limitations. He will inexplicably play crappy veterans (Neifi Perez anyone?) while talented prospects linger on the bench, losing whatever confidence they once had. He will offer absolutely no accountability to himself or his players once the losses start to pile up. And eventually, the losses will start to pile up. He will blame everyone and everything possible. With the Cubs, it was the fault of the following: heat, cold, day games, announcers, circumstance, etc. NEVER was it his fault. To suggest so meant you were either a racist or also responsible for the losses.

So enjoy the first few months of the Dusty Baker era Cincinnati. It's only going to get a whole lot worse after that. You are in my thoughts and prayers.


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