Monday, March 31, 2008

Go Cubs Go

Personally, I'm not too concerned by the Cubs loss this afternoon. Obviously if something serious is wrong with Big Z I will change my tune. But based on what I know now, it is what it is - 1 game out of 162. There will be a ton of pressure on the Cubs given the expectations. And that pressure will only intensify if they start poorly. But they have too much talent in an awful division not to be competitive. It may take Lou some time to completely understand his team, but it's already much better than last year. And while I don't actually expect Kerry Wood to stay the closer, they have so many options that someone will come through. Worst case scenario, Ryan Dempster takes over the closer role.

That being said, it probably is insanity to expect the Cubs to make the playoffs again. It's been so long since they have even had winning records in back to back years. Yet in the absence of injuries I don't see how they don't make the playoffs. This looks like a team that will win 87-89 games, which should be good enough to win the crappy NL Central.



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