Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Deep Thoughts

1 - The only people qualified to analyze and ultimately decide on our course of action in Iraq are the Very Serious People who have been wrong about everything the last 7+ years, such as greeted with flowers, Mission Accomplished, fight with technology instead of people, teh funkblastic surge, etc.

2 - There is no such thing as ever advocating for too much wars. Conversely, to ever be against military actions makes you a wimp and unserious, regardless of how many wars were teh shit before this one. I say bring it on, North Pole!!!

3 - The world behaves surprisingly like the TV show "24".

4 - While previously generations told us war is hell, they were really just wrong. It has since been proven scientifically that war is teh awesomest! And if you disagree you may wind up with a terrorist in your grocery bag next time you return from the grocery store. Why does Kroger hate America so much?


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