Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Damn Dirty Beatniks

Curious as to our society's obsession with those damn dirty hippies. Follow with me for a second.

In the '50s we had the beatniks. And the greasers.
In the '60s we had the hippies.
In the '70s we had the punks.
In the '80s we had the punks and goths.
In the '90s we had the grunge rockers.
In the '00s we had basketball briefly destroyed by the hip hop nation or hip hop thugs.

And I aware I'm missing many other groups and being simplistic. Still, this gets my point across. Every decade seems to have their own disparaging name for the youth. This is usually some "new" group of people and is surprisingly associated with the latest musical trends. These youth will truly be the downfall of society and are always a brand new threat, one that we have never seen before.

Yet even with this brand new threat, the hippies come out on top and completely dominate all groups. You never hear anyone put down being called a greaser or a beatnik. Punk may still be used, but not nearly to the level of hippies. And it turns out that hip hop thugs did not ruin basketball after all. Thank God, cause I was terrified of cornrows for a few years. Yet 40+ years after the term hippie was popularized, we are still referring to people as hippies when we name call. Why exactly, are we brutalizing these damn dirty hippies? And why am I so proud to be a damn dirty hippie? And a smelly punk rocker?


*hippies*beatniks *greaser *punk*goth*grunge*hip hop*thugs


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