Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Next Brian Cardinal

It seems like most college basketball experts and analysts have been missing one of the biggest stories of the season - the second coming of Brian Cardinal. I am of course referring to Notre Dame forward Luke Harangody.

To understand the excitement I have for Luke Harangody, it's important to remind everyone what makes Brian Cardinal so special (or even add Brian Scalabrine to the equation). See, Brian Cardinal was a very average, tall, unathletic forward when he played for Purdue. Other people might refer to him as scrappy. He was a nice enough college player but nothing too special. Somehow by sticking around 4 years he became the leader of his team and put up decent numbers. As he moved to the pros, he really had no skills that translated to the pro game. But he was a tireless worker willing to dive for loose balls and do all the grunt work. Basically, a guy you want on your team. He is a great 12th man - willing to battle your starters in practice but with not enough ability to actually want to play in games. But then something strange happened - he got a huge contract. The kind of contract you give to above average players. It was confusing all around. And then it happened later to Brian Scalabrine.

So as we watch Luke Harangody put up impressive numbers as he leads Notre Dame to the NCAA Tournament, remember that he will be rich some day. Very very rich! For he is the second coming of Brian Cardinal - the scrappy, unathletic power forward who resides at the end of your bench.


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