Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it Summer Yet?

Man. I'm getting too old for this winter crap. I've been sick as a dog since December. Maybe I had a half a week there where I was OK other than that.... You get the idea. The colds this year have been brutal. I don't think I ever had a cold like the one I'm battling right now.

I coughed so much last week that my chest, stomach, and ribs hurt whenever I cough. Thank god that isn't too often now, but still it is weird. My back also hurts, wtf? Jesus.

Last Wednesday's freak out rush hour snow storm that expanded my normal hour commute to three hours nearly killed me. It's hard to believe that we pay the highest property taxes in the nation, and I didn't see one damn salt truck that entire time. Can you picture going 45 miles on a highway doing only 10mph? It's horrific. I'm hacking up everything under the sun while trying to keep my eyes and mind on the road. I got home and I nearly passed out. I was so dizzy. I didn't get any sleep that night and I woke up feeling like pure crap. I had to call in sick and I never call in sick. Never. In my 8 years of working, I only missed work one other time. Shit.

Anyways, the battle of the colds explains my infrequent blogging. The Mikester has been trying to heal himself through various chemical treatments. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anything to stop this constant runny nose that I still have. At least the cough is mostly gone. It only appears when my nose is filled with liquid booger goodness. Jesus. Is it summer yet?

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Blogger Tom G said...

Good luck getting over the cold. This Summer has kinda sucked all around. Seems like every snowfall has occurred during rush hiur, doubling the commute. Doubt it's snowed mkore, just seems that way given when it has snowed.

2/22/2008 09:34:00 AM  

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