Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Death Proof

Many reviewers I think lost the boat in grading this film. Sure... It is not an amazing feat like Pulp Fiction, but it is the kind of movie that gets you excited about movies.

It's gory, sexy, trashy, and interesting. The kind of film that I imagine Tarantino watched constantly as a kid. The kind that made him into the most provocative director of his generation.

Death Proof is the quintessential grind house B movie. It looks grainy and frayed. Several scenes even cut out. The clothes, hair, and cars date back to the 70s. The weirdest exception being the use of cell phones. I don't get that really since the phone scenes were somewhat distracting. I think I would have preferred a full escape into the 70s.

I dug the car scenes though. The film is worth it just for that. Yes, the film can be slow at times and it's a bit clunky, but it's all good. You're suppose to be half drunk when you watch this thing anyways otherwise you are doing it wrong. The cheesy sound effects and low production values drive that point home. This movie is a good time.

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