Saturday, February 02, 2008

By The Time I Get to Arizona

My big hope for tomorrow's game is that it is entertaining and close. I just don't believe that will be the case. There are too many people comfortable with the idea of the Giants either winning or making a game of it. These people are typically wrong so I can't help but feel they are overlooking one ginormous fact - Eli Manning.

Who knows, maybe Eli Manning has really turned a corner. But I need to see more before I believe it. His admittedly better brother usually shits himself in big moments. Do we really think the sequel will do better? After Bush 2: Electric Boogaloo, don't we agree that sequels are worse 99% of the time? I just can't help but think that Eli is in for a 4 INT game where he reverts back to that little child. Hope I'm wrong though. Plus, Brady had an awful game against the Chargers. Is it likely he will have a similar game, with RW McQuarters in the Giants secondary?

I'm torn between whether I hate NY or Boston fans more. So that's kinda a wash. As a Michigan alum and Brady fan, I will find myself rooting for the Patriots. Plus, it's always fun to watch history unfold. Then again, if the game's close I will be rooting for the underdog. Just don't think it will be close.

Pats 41 Giants 13


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