Sunday, January 20, 2008

Weekly Project

I have this idea for a new project that I could use your help completing. It's basically a ripoff of Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me, 30 Days). However, I'm not planning on filming it and may decide to write about it. Basically I'm doing this myself. To try new things and test myself.

So here's the rules. Once a week every month I will have to try something out of the ordinary. I'm actually struggling with 12 things, which is why I'm soliciting feedback. Obviously it needs to be something within my control that will not severely affect my livelihood or health. Below are some initial ideas:

- Week without watching TV
- Week without eating Meat
- Month attending religious service every Sunday (with job not really feasible to go daily)
- Week without alcohol (may exclude as it doesn't seem that hard)
- Somehow fit in some volunteer work - friend works at a place where they seek business people to volunteer for a week after work

As you can see I need some help. I'll begin this in Feb with the not watching TV. I'm gonna be a little bit of a wimp and wait until after the Super Bowl. Plus, the Writers Strike may make it less difficult. Still, it means no Lost or Rock of Love 2.


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Blogger Craig said...

Some suggestions for you:

* Week without driving a car (may be impossible where you work)

* Every week attend an under-the-radar sporting event (Chicago State basketball, high school wrestling, professional lacrosse)

* Week without caffeine

Granted I don't have the courage or energy to do these myself, but they would be fun to read about.

1/21/2008 03:41:00 PM  
Blogger Tom G said...

Thanks for the suggestions. I really like them. The driving one would be extremely difficult but one I'm willing to try. I just need to make sure my commute wouldn't triple or something. The caffeine would be challenging, though that's part of my interest in this. And the sporting events one is good. Maybe also do a live music thing or maybe a Chicago landmark thing. Thanks!

1/21/2008 07:44:00 PM  

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