Saturday, January 26, 2008

Weekly Project Update

As I mentioned around a week ago, I am starting a new project I am currently calling Weekly Project. It is similar to the idea behind Supersize Me. The original idea was to undertake a new task one week out of every month. This has since changed to include the possibility of doing everything over a month. And the tasks are meant to be something I either have been meaning to do or some aspect I would like to change/try in my life. As of now I have tentatively completed for this year. I will be re-evaluating this as I go along though and have not included anything over December because of the business of the holidays.

Feb - No TV For a Week

Scheduled to start this the week following the Super Bowl (know kinda cheating but still new episodes of "Lost" and "Rock of Love"). Am debating whether to allow myself to watch DVDs and leaning towards yes. Point of this really is not to deprive myself of TV; rather, it's to make myself more productive and help change my habit of constantly having the TV on, even if I'm not actively watching. So right now if I watch a DVD I will have to watch the DVD. And will restrict to one movie a night. But may change my mind anyway as just yesterday I thought it was wrong to watch DVDs

Mar - Recycle

Planning on doing this for entire month and will try to be as strict as possible. This means no bags or sandwich bags for lunches. And I'll have to make sure I separate all recycleable material. Definitely something I've been meaning to do a better job.

Apr - New Restaurants

Every weekend I'll try out a new restaurant. To make it even more fun, I'll make each restaurant a different style of fun. I get so caught up in doing what I always do. It's about time I get back some of the discovery I used to do when I first moved to Chicago. So many good restaurants.

May - Religion

Attend a religious service every weekend. Purposely keeping it vague, as I'm not sure what I want to do. Obviously the easy thing would be to attend a Catholic church - or at least most comfortable. It's how I was raised. But it might be fun to check out other religions.

Jun - Vegetarian for a Week

In this case vegetarian with include fish. Much like the TV, not trying to deprive myself or make my life extremely difficult. One thing I would like to take out of this is eating more fish.

Jul - Commute to work for a week

Need to figure out if this is even practical. If my commute suddenly doubles I may need to plan to do this one day only. Don't want to chicken out because it is too difficult but also don't want to add hours onto my time at work - that would not be good for my sanity.

Aug - Chicago Neighborhoods

Every weekend spend some time in neighborhoods I usually would not hang out. I want this to be more than just getting food and drinks, so I need to make sure I spend time during the day. Even if all I can find is a coffee shop (hopefully not Starbucks as that would not be local flavor) would be fine. Much like restaurants, idea is to discover more of Chicago.

Sept - No Caffeine for a week

Boy, this is gonna be tough. But definitely a challenge I am looking forward to. I already drink too much coffee. If this helps me limit my caffeine, that would be great.

Oct - Music Venues

As I get older I see less and less live music. It used to be the case that it was rare for me to not attend a show every month. Now, I go to a handful of shows every month. Idea here is actually to attend as many shows as possible in as many venues as possible. It should be a mixture of local places (haven't been to The Hideout in ages) and bands I want to see.

Nov - Sporting Events

Really just a placeholder for now. Idea is to attend a variety of Chicago sporting events. But I need to make a list of teams and when they play. Then again, Chicago has so many small colleges I could always find something.

Thanks to all who provided recommendations. Like I said I will re-evaluate at a later date and tweak where appropriate. Some ideas that may make the list include volunteering and some type of class and attending some group. I just either have not done the research yet or haven't quite figured out what I mean. If you have any suggestions, please keep them coming.


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