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Top 10 CDs of 2007

I've decided to list the top 10 CDs I purchased this year. Not necessarily following any exact rules over whether I had heard the music before. In general I buy CDs I want so if it's something I heard a lot previously it was probably in college. Then again, by that very nature I will lean towards new music. For I'm not necessarily saying the CD is better than say a classic like "Zen Arcade"; rather, it is just the CDs I got into and listened the most this year. And it's possible my memory is bad so I'm including CDs I bought 2 years ago.

1 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Not sure why it took me so long to check them out. They were constantly on my list but I just never got around to it until this summer. Really wish I had taken the plunge earlier. While both CDs are great, the self-titled debut is amazing. Very tight and catchy pop songs. Highly recommended.

2 - In Rainbows - Radiohead

An unexpected surprise. Weird how arguably the most popular group in the world can release a CD with hardly any advance notice. Also cool how they released it on their own allowing fans to spend as much as they wanted. I really hope this is an indication of the future of music. As far as musically, In Rainbows is Radiohead. While I'll probably never be as startled or knocked on my ass as I was with OK Computer or Kid A, it's still incredible.

3 - Let's Stay Friends - Les Savy Fav

The world is a better place with Les Savy around. And this CD is a reminder of how much Les Savy Fav kicks ass. The first 5 songs are probably the best opening songs I have heard on a CD in a long time. Can't wait to see Tim and the boys invade Chi-Town.

4 - Cease to Begin - Band of Horses

Before this release I had forgotten how awesome Everything All The Time was. Just for that Cease To Begin deserves a place on my Top 10. But I actually think I like Cease to Begin better, though it may depend on the day. For both CDs are exceptional.

5 - Straight Outta Compton - NWA

I was so excited to hear this CD again and to find out how much it holds up over all these many years. And yeah, it does bring back memories of my youth,. But I listened to this CD non-stop for about a month after I bought it. F$ck the Police!

6 - Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen

This CD deserves all the accolades and respect it has earned over the years. Still, it was never in my CD collection for some reason. Born to Run is such an incredible single that the remaining CD could suck and it would still be good. Luckily that is not the case. One of the most influential artists with maybe his best CD (I prefer Nebraska). This CD should be mandatory for anyone who considers themselves a music fan.

7 - Wincing The Night Away - The Shins

My own personal feeling is that this CD will hold up better years from now. It's not like it wasn't released to an excited audience (believe it debuted at #2). Or that it received poor reviews. It's just that the reviews weren't proclaiming it the second coming. Guess that's the reaction you get when your first 2 CDs are so beloved and so critically acclaimed. I know my initial reaction was this is pretty good followed by placing to the side. Over the remainder of the year I find myself constantly picking it more and more and enjoying it more and more. Really a great CD, really!

8 - Closer - Joy Division

Probably would have been higher if I had more time to listen to it. Again, not a new CD - just one I never bought after years of listening to it with friends. What strikes me about this CD is just how rhythmic it really is. And it really holds together as a complete CD rather than a collection of songs. Not that I couldn't pick out great singles. But it just feels like a CD you need to listen all the way through without skipping songs.

9 - Sky Blue Sky - Wilco

I initially HATED this CD. It just struck me as extremely boring - too slow and uninteresting. But I was wrong. It is very layered and really requires multiple listens. In a weird way it reminds me of "Muswill Hillbilly" by The Kinks. Not exactly sure why but I had the same reaction to that CD. Now I find it hard to fathom why I hated it so much. It's so breezy and carefree with incredible songs.

10 - We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank - Modest Mouse

Modest Mouse will always be a favorite of mine. And while they probably will never reach the heights of "Moon & Antarctica", I'm fine with that. As long as they keep releasing music as good as WWDBTSES. This has so many good singles but standouts are Dashboard and Missed The Boat.


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