Tuesday, January 01, 2008

New Years Resolutions

With the start of every year comes the making of lists, called resolutions. These are goals for the upcoming year, usually focusing on some very aspirational plans. All in all, it's really an excuse to take a step back, assess the path you are on, and try to figure out where you want to be one year later. In general, I find resolutions nauseating. But I can buy into them for the sake of a good bit and that's exactly what I'm doing. However, I'll admit to putting very little thought into my resolutions, so they will most assuredly remain generally vague.

In general all my resolutions can be summarized by trying to be less lazy. It revolves around spending less time on the couch, unless that is part of what I am trying to achieve (reading, watching movies). While not the laziest person by any stretch, I do waste a ton of time. This is most apparent over the weekends when I often wake up late and often find time to take a nap. If I can find even 25% of my dad's energy then I will be so much more productive. The key goal is to start getting things accomplished rather then just feeling tired.

To that end, you may notice some changes here on Life Is Crap. The goal for Life Is Crap was never about the fame and fortune, though some may disagree. It was about having an outlet to voice my opinions and thoughts while also working on my writing skills. With my previous job, it was easier to manage because I could realistically spend 1-2 hours a day on the blog. With my new job, it's basically impossible to work on the blog. Yet somehow I felt a need to update the blog daily, even when I had nothing to say. Besides leading to boring and poorly written posts, it ended with a lot of YouTube posts. Don't get me wrong - I love finding things on YouTube and sharing them. However, I was using that as a way to satisfy some preconceived number of posts I needed to complete.

So what should you expect from me over the coming year here at Life Is Crap? Well, most likely less frequent posts for starters. But in that place I would like to have more inspired posts. I would like to get back to more of the comedic character driven posts I love to write. There will still be stream of consciousness opinion posts because it's a way for me to vent. But I won't be manufacturing them. And I haven't figured out if I'll have a schedule - probably not as it defeats the purpose of this blog. But I have so many things I need to work on that until I figure out how to incorporate this blog Life is Crap may take a backseat.

Here's to a good 2008 that's better than the rambling incoherence above. Below are the vague goals I mentioned at the beginning (need to define concrete goals obviously):

1 - Get in Shape
2 - Pariah Studios stuff - filming/writing/editing stuff - hopefully I'll have plenty to share in 2008
3 - Write a screenplay - may fall under (2) may not
4 - Read more (book a month?)
5 - Watch more movies (more difficult during baseball season)
6 - Condo projects

Obviously all of the above need better definition. Guess that is step 2 in my resolution. Only concern is taking on more than I can handle. But we'll see...


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