Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Duke Mafia

Never take sides against the family again, goes the quote from Godfather. In the world of college basketball, I guess the saying is never take sides against Duke. For this year has already seen the Duke family exact their vengeance on the Michigan basketball program. First it was King D-Bag K leaving his starters in late into the second half with a huge lead against Michigan. Then it was followed by Jackass Jay severely criticizing Coach Beilein and questioning whether he can succeed at Michigan.

And all of this was caused by Michigan's "disloyalty" to Mr Mock Turtleneck himself, Tommy Amaker. Yeah, that guy. The one who never made it to a NCAA Tournament or really ever won a game he was not expected to win. But see, he's a Duke guy as a player and coach. At one point it was thought he would be the heir apparent to King D-Bag. I guess in Duke land you can never get rid of a Duke guy - you can only lose him to a better opportunity.


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