Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Dennis The Menace

Regardless of the legal mumbo jumbo, the decision by MSNBC to rescind its offer to Kucinich to attend the Nevada debate was stupid. If we had a functioning media they would be outraged. However, I don't expect them to start now and sure hope it isn't over something like this. The fact that he met the criteria and was offered an invite should not have ever lead to a court ruling. But the media has always played up Kucinich as a wacko, which is interesting. For in this case wacko just means liberal. When you focus on his actual positions, they are not that far from the mainstream. Yet he poses such a threat to the establishment that it's easier to dismiss him as a wacko then give his platform any credence. To show this position, two "conservative" friends of mine were most close to Kucinich on one of those Internet question sites. I use quotes because these two friends were once die-hard conservatives who might not admit it but are realizing their actual beliefs do not align with the Republican party. But I digress.

It's just funny how Kucinich is dismissed out of hand as a wacko but the Republicans candidates are serious with the following positions:

- Double Guantanamo
- Eliminate the IRS and replace it with a national sales tax
- In select cases the president CAN imprison US citizens without court approval
- We should align the Constitution to the Bible (hello stonings you adulterous leeches)


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