Thursday, January 24, 2008


Shocking news everyone - Mike Alstott is retiring from the NFL. Now, the surprise was that he was still an active player, with active stretched here. Guess he spent all year on IR but still. If you asked me I would have guessed he retired 3 years ago. You know you should have retired earlier when people are shocked to learn you are still around when you retire.

Oh well, one less player for my friend Ryan to pick up in fantasy football. Though to be fair, I doubt he's picked up Alstott these last few years. To me, Alstott was one of the most overrated players of my generation. And I really have no malice towards him. He just got a ton of Pro Bowl and other accolades on the wrong assumption that he was a fullback. Since he hardly ever blocked for another running back, that is flawed. He was a good short yardage back - nothing more, nothing less


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