Sunday, December 30, 2007

Todd Collins

The Todd Collins story has been a joy to watch and would make a fantastic movie. For those who do not know, Todd Collins is the backup QB for the Washington Redskins. He's a journeyman who has thrown very few passes in the past 10 years. But since he was thrown into action with the injury to Jason Campbell he has the Redskins back in the playoff hunt.

When I was a freshman at The University of Michigan in 1993 my QB was Todd Collins. If not for the Kordell Stewart Hail Mary and a last second loss to Penn State, it's possible he would have won the Heisman Trophy. He was a very good college quarterback. The pros was different. He started for the Buffalo Bills with very little success. This lead to his many years of being a backup. In fact, I was amazed to find out he was still in the league. He's the player that makes you ask why exactly he is still in the league. You count him out and think he must be delusional to still be playing. Yet sometimes there is the perfect situation that presents itself. And that's what appears to be occurring. I don't think he's destined to be anything more than what he has been, a backup. Yet he has some magic working right now. Unfortunately this usually ends horribly. Let's hope it lasts as long as possible.


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