Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Your Liberal Media

I have always been hesitant to say the media has a right wing bias. The point of my constant posts titled Your Liberal Bias was always meant to point out how untrue the conventional wisdom was that the media was liberally biased. That's been a fallacy since at least the Clinton years, but I was always resistant to claim a conservative bias.

Sure, I saw all the evidence. But could it really be a bias. By that I mean it was very hard to prove intent. Sure, there was overwhelming inconsistencies but the right just has a better media infrastructure and organization. Right? Well, after years of denial it's time to just call it like it is. The media has been hijacked by the right and there is an overwhelming conservative bias. To think that there's still a liberal bias is to live in a world where global warming is a hoax and evolution is a myth and 2+2=5 and The Grand Canyon was created by Noah's Ark around 10,000 years ago. In other words, to believe so is to buy into the right wing propaganda machine. There manipulation and misrepresentation of the media is one of the biggest tragedies in our country and one of the big reasons why we are in the shit the way we are.

Every day I could come up with lists of "inconsistencies" that portray conservatives in a positive light and liberals in a negative. And anecdotes are not a very reliable way to win an argument. But I need to vent so here are the latest atrocities. Save me Jeebus!

1 - 2 polls are released in a 24 hour period. One poll (Zogby), proclaims that the Republican presidential nominees would all beat Clinton. The media goes crazy reporting the news. Another poll (Gallup) with a better reputation among pollsters no less, releases a poll contradicting the Zogby poll. Suddenly it appears Clinton would beat all the Republican nominees. The reaction - crickets. I provide info, you decide what it means.

2 - Just months ago the news media was up in arms about Democrat Pelosi meeting with Syrian leaders. It lasted for at least a week, with most of it focusing on how awful she was and what a disservice she was doing to our country. Bush decides to meet with Syrian leaders and what do we get - similar outrage? Of course not. While there was much less coverage, the coverage that existed was mainly positive and even referred to this as a victory. Huh?

3 - The Joe Klein Experience marches on with the editor of Time declaring that Republicans say one thing and the mistake was that Joe Klein did not ask for the Democratic perspective. Besides the blatant exclusion of one side in a he said she said story, there is a matter of the facts. Which if Klein had actually tried to find would have shown the Republican was lying. But why ever suspect a Republican to be lying? At some point they have to tell the truth. Don't they?

4 - For tomorrow's Republican YouTube debate CNN has stated they will not take any Democratic "gotcha" questions, as the primary is for the Republican party. Fair enough you might say, if only the Democratic YouTube debate wasn't filled with Republican "gotcha" questions, such as (to paraphrase) since you are a Democrat are you gonna tax and spend all my money when you get into office. I guess in this case what's good for the goose is not fair for the gander.

And to go into the way back machine all we have to do is witness the coverage of scandals between Clinton and Bush. Clinton Holiday list - yes! Bush outing a CIA agent - why the hell should anyone care. Vince Foster murder conspiracy - you betcha! Abu Ghraib/Guantanamo/torture/Blackwater - (yawn). Clinton - lying about a blowjob. Bush - lying about WMDs and a link between Saddam and Al Quaeda that leads to a war and the death of thousands and injuries to tens of thousands of Americans.

In a nutshell that's our media - forever liberal.


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