Sunday, November 11, 2007

Wha' Happened?

I'm sure you have all seen those Hanes commercials with Cubs Gooding Jr and Michael Jordan. Basic premise is as follows. Cuba somehow gets some underwear from Jordan, either as a gift or steals. It's never explained what mental issue Gooding has, but they only have 30 seconds for each commercial. Then, Jordan either catches Gooding wearing his underwear or Gooding makes an inappropriate comment around others about wearing Jordan's underwear. Again, there is no exploration of this weird circumstance.

Lost in all the weirdness surrounding Cuba Gooding Jr is an update on what happened between Kevin Bacon and Michael Jordan. See, Bacon and Jordan were the original Hanes couple. And while they did not appear to get along (or even bothered to show up to the same shoot), it was implied they were roommates and friends. With the Cuba Gooding Jr commercials, I'm assuming Kevin Bacon is out. However, that still leaves the question of what happened. Now that's a commercial I would like to see.


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