Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tecmo Bowl Playbook

After attending the Michigan-Ohio State game this past weekend it became obvious that Michigan is living in a Tecmo Bowl world. How else to explain Michigan's insistence on running 4 plays - 2 pass plays and 2 run plays. For those who remember the original Tecmo Bowl, that was your choices. Here's an insane run from Bo Jackson in the Super Tecmo Bowl (they were able to get 8 play options in the sequel!):

Now, back to Michigan. Let's break down their 4 plays:

Run 1: Off Tackle to the Left
Run 2: Off Tackle to the Right
Pass 1: 5-10 Yard Out
Pass 2: Deep Pass to Manningham

There my friends is at least 85% of Michigan's plays. In an age of mobile QBs and spread offenses and making playbooks longer and more difficult, Michigan went minimalism and reverted to the glory days of Tecmo Bowl. Normally I would look at the glass as half empty and complain about Michigan's losses. Instead I'll just wonder - how the hell did Michigan win 8 games with a Tecmo Bowl playbook.


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