Tuesday, November 20, 2007

PHD in Football

It's unavoidable that there will be some Michigan football posts. This one will be short. At the game Saturday I discovered that Morgan Trent, a cornerback, is only a junior. Since I assumed he was a senior last year, this makes him this year's Carl Tabb who's getting his PHD in football. As a reminder, I believe Carl Tabb began his Michigan career on Bo Schembechler's last team. While never more than a special teams player, Carl Tabb will forever be known in Michigan lore for his ability to always be on a roster with an endless supply of eligibility.

Anyway, it took me all season but this year's recipiento f the Carl Tabb PHD in Football goes to Morgan Trent. He may kinda suck and will return next year to most assuredly suck some more and odds are he will finish his eligibility in 2017 and will probably still suck then.


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