Monday, November 05, 2007


Couple things I've heard today about Tom Brady and the Patriots need some clarification/rebutting. First, Tom Brady has not always had weapons that other teams could only dream about. In fact, he has been playing with the poo poo platter the last few years. Was I the only one who saw last season where his #1 receiver was Jabar Gaffney, a borderline NFL receiver? Sure, he's got Moss and Welker and Watson and Stallworth. But this is his first year with legitimately above average receivers. And now he's lighting up the NFL. Be jealous of Brady for the beautiful women he impregnates. Be jealous of Brady for his good looks or his Super Bowls or some other reason. Just don't try to rewrite history and act like he was playing with Jerry Rice, John Taylor, and Roger Craig all these years...Oh yeah, that was some other QB often considered the best who never gets criticized for the great players he played with.

I still do not believe the Patriots will go undefeated. In today's NFL that is an impossible task. That being said, this is by far the best team I have ever seen. They played like crap for most of yesterday and still beat an extremely talented team on the road. True, it was more of the Colts losing then the Pats winning. But that was a game that 99% of the teams would lose. So I hope the Pats prove me wrong as I hate those '72 Dolphins.


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