Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hulk Getting Divorced?

Say it isn't true! How can the 80s all American hero be getting a divorce? Did is wife wise up? Did she notice that the hulk has been hiding his receding hair line? Does she not like pasta?

I'm confused about the picture on the left too. Perhaps as much as why Linda is leaving now. Twenty four years! Is this a publicity stunt?

Of course she is demanding half of everything. The Bollea family has about 10 million in real estate and probably some other money hidden somewhere. Perhaps under a bandanna. Just a hunch.

You would think there would be more. Then again steroids, I mean vitamins cost money, kids. Also you can't forget the tanning treatment. The oily tough hide of the hulkster is very picturesque on the television screen. It's not cheap. Not by any stretch of imagination.

This news makes me sad. If the Hulk can't be loved by his wife then who will love him? Most of the kids who adored him back in the day don't even think about the fossil anymore. I know I don't.

To be honest I liked Andre the Giant a bit more. Now there was a thespian. Remember his performance in the Princess' Bride. Inconceivable! The hulk to me was always second rate. The poor man's Randy Savage. Now there was a dude who I bet is still married to his sweetheart Miss Elizabeth.

Ooops. I guess she's dead. Lex Luger killed her. Fed her a toxic concoction of drugs. Who knew?

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