Thursday, November 15, 2007

Carlos Zambrano Cy Young Watch - Update

Since the Cy Young results were announced today I thought it only fair to review the final tally. As background, I occasionally reviewed Carlos Zambrano's season stats along with his odds of winning the Cy Young, after he predicted he would win at the beginning of the year. Well, I was partially right. Jake Peavey of the San Diego Padres won unanimously. So my predictions were always right (wanna say my odds never went above 20%). Then again, my final ranking had him outside the Top 10. And somehow Big Z finished 5th. Well, it was more a function that pitchers in the National League suck. At this rate Maddux and Glavin will pitch until they are 60 because everyone is so awful.

In case you're interested, the final results:

1 - Jake Peavey, SD Padres
2 - Brandon Webb, Arizona D-Backs
3 - Brad Penny, LA Dodgers
4 - Aaron Harang, Cincinnati Reds
5 - Carlos Zambrano, Cubs
6 - Cole hamels, Phillies
7 - John Smoltz, Atlanta Braves
8 - Jose Valverde, Arizona D-Backs
9 - Jeff Francis, Colorado Rockies


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