Monday, October 01, 2007

Who Are These People?

I just can't figure them out? Everytime I do they move further and further into crazyland. Pretty soon they will be fighting to debate whether the Earth is flat or that the Sun revolves around the Earth. They truly are insane.

I mean, look at the issues they want to revisit, without any evidence. First it was global warming. Ok I guess, it wasn't that long ago that scientific consensus was reached and we are learning new things daily that are changing that consensus.

Then, they want to re-evaluate the Vietnam War. If only we had stayed longer or if it only wasn't for those meddling teens,,,umm, damn dirty hippies. And don't get us started on Iran. We've apparently been at war with them for 30 years. Of course, that doesn't mean the whole Iran-Contra scandal wasn't treasonous.

Going back further in history, they argue that McCarthy may have been overzealous but he was basically right (forgive me for not remembering all the Communists he caught. All I recall is the fear and unproven accusations that ruined lives).

Even further, we have actually had to defend evolution. And now, they are making the argument that slavery really wasn't so bad.


My God, is there anything these nutjobs won't argue. I'd like to think this is just some great strategy to keep us occupied while they loot the country. However, this is getting so out of control that most of these people must actually believe it. They are crazy and yet they somehow represent 29% of this country. Here's hoping they leave office as soon as possible and never ever get a whiff of power again. Unfortunately, we know that's not the case.


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