Thursday, October 04, 2007

Veto! Veto! Veto!

Let me get this straight.... There's enough money to kill people, but not enough to help those in need whether that's disabled troops, uninsured children, or struggling senior citizens. I can only reach one conclusion. Our president is an asshole.

This is not his country. It is our country. Bush has been given the green light to raid the national treasury for the past 7 years. Spending money that is not his for things that many of us do not want with money that does not yet exist!

Seven billion a year is not that much to spend on our kids. Especially when it comes to our future. It's not Universal Healthcare for kids. It's not a replacement for existing health insurance. It's a health care package to help families provide the best care for their children.

Perhaps it is a question of priorities. In my opinion we need some form of Universal Health Care or guaranteed private insurance at an affordable price. Granted taxes might have to be raised to fund such a program for everyone, but it would provide us with a lot of protection we do not have today.

Sure. I might not need the extra protection today, but some day I might. I would gladly help pay for the sick today if and only if I am helped when I'm in need.

Shit happens. Today that crap can really destroy a family. For example: I have no idea how a middle class family who has a sick child can cope once their insurance runs out. Yes, insurance does run out. Even if you have the super deluxe package. It will run out if you exceed the payment threshold.

I am watching it happen to some people in my family right now. It's not pretty. There will be no calvery coming to help them out when it does happen. None.

There are plenty of selfish assholes who believe that this problem is due to people who just don't want to buy health insurance. Not true. People who do have it are getting screwed.

One stroke of bad luck could be the end of everything: house, savings, retirement, etc... Bankruptcy. Thanks to Bush and the former GOP Congress, you can't even declare bankruptcy anymore.

But I guess that's capitalism, right? Socialism is evil and our society is the best. Watch us bomb the Third World countries into the stone age. Screw our kids! Screw our future.

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