Sunday, October 21, 2007

Stop It Already

The past week (esp the Sunday morning shows) has been abuzz with the thoughts that women might vote for Hillary just because she's a woman. Oh the humanity! And get ready for a similar discussion if Obama gets either the nomination ot on the ticket. If that's fair game, then why aren't we discussing if rich white males are going to vote for the Republican nomination because they are a rich white male.

Is it any wonder our country is going to shit when this is one of the most important topics of the week? Not to mention that no one ever questioned the wisdom (or voting rights) of the millions of Evangelicals who overwhelmingly voted for Bush, most likely due to his religious convictions (at least portrayed beliefs). Look, there are millions of different reasons why people vote for a candidate. I would hope people would not vote based on race or gender or religion or the kind of food they eat, but it's going to happen. Doesn't mean it's not a news story - just not a week long story, especially when there is no "balance". Funny how we have to have balance when discussing evolution or global warming, even though the scientific consensus is overwhelmingly on one side. When discussing something as trivial as rationale for voting we only analyze the issues facing the Democrats even though there is an equally noticeable trend on the Republican side.

Save me Jeebus!


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