Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Sparty On

So this is the week where Mike and I were supposed to hate each other. See, our beloved universities are battling in the hated intrastate rivalry. It's brother against brother. Husband against wife. The University of Michigan Wolverines vs The Michigan State Spartans.

So I will continue to send nasty thoughts Mike's way and tell him how much his schools sucks and how he will work for me someday. I guess starting at 3:30 EST this Saturday we will see which team is not as bad as the other. And it will decide once and for all who made the right choice of schools.

To show I'm not all bad I'll offer Mike this parting shot...SPARTY ON!


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Blogger Mike K said...

Don't worry... I'm sure Michigan State will lose. If State does manage to win, half of East Lansing will be in flames.

10/31/2007 09:20:00 PM  

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