Sunday, October 21, 2007

Old Man Gould - Attack of the Car-Carts

As if we needed shopping to become even more cumbersome, the latest trend is to cater to families with small children using car-carts. You have probably seen them. They are carts that look like a car and children can pretend they are driving. It looks kinda cute, right? No. This is an invention straight from Da Devil Himself.

Now, there are multiple reasons why car-carts are evil incarnate. The most obvious reason is the sheer size that makes it difficult for anyone else to enjoy their shopping experience. Good luck if you are staring down an aisle in a grocery store with one of these beasts. You will either get run over or will have to back away. It's a big Eff You to anyone without little children. Well, that might be a little harsh. Still, if size matters they are telling you that families with children are more important than you. One of these days I'm going to use one just for fun and will enjoy the look of everyone's face.

When I was a kid, I sat in the cart and I liked it. If I got bored, I could use my imagination*. Now we think so little of kid's imaginations that we go the thinking for them. And it's so literal. See, when you go shopping you are driving a car down the aisle. I guess the kid could think he was on a boat but the car makes it more difficult to imagine that.

While at Home Depot over the weekend, I saw what can only be described as the monster truck version of the car-cart. It frightened me just a little. At least people have the option of choosing to be a douchebag and drive a monster truck around. Not at Home Depot. Where's the small car? Where's the hybrid? Where's the minivan? Instead we are teaching our kids at an early age to choose the biggest car possible. So even if their parents spurn the monstrosity that are today's humongous cars, they really have no option when shopping. Just think how big the cars these kids will demand.


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Blogger Mike K said...

Hmmmm.... I think the monster sized car carts are for the fat kids. Sure are a lot of fat kids and super fat kids these days.

10/22/2007 08:11:00 AM  
Blogger Tom G said...

I wonder what ever happened to Zack the incredible 100 lb baby. My guess is he's still being dressed in diapers.

10/22/2007 02:43:00 PM  

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