Sunday, October 28, 2007

Let's Stay Friends

"Let's Stay Friends", the latest CD from Les Savy Fav, is pretty good. If forced to give it a grade, it would be a B/B+. Overall, it's has everything you would expect from Les Savy Fav plus a little something new. If only there were a way to package the live show with Timmy screaming in your face, it would be an A+.

The CD has some incredibly strong songs. In fact, the first 4 songs are really strong and rank with some of the best from Les Savy Fav. The CD opens with "Pots&Pans", a low-key opener that builds up to song #2. It's somewhat hard to listen to "Pots&Pans" without listening to "The Equestrian". Without both songs, "Pots&Pans" feels incomplete. Together, it just works as a perfect segue into the hard charging "The Equestrian". "The Year Before the Year 2000" is a catchy little sing-along that keeps everything moving perfectly into the dance party song "Patty Lee". Whenever "Patty Lee" comes on I have to turn up the volume, dance, and sing.

"What would Wolves Do?", "Brace Yourself", "Scothgard the Credit Card" are all fine songs. But given the quality of the first few CDs I feel the CD loses momentum as you go along. So by the time you wind up with "Scothgard the Credit Card" you have already started to lose some interest. It is this reason, which may just be a function of the sequencing, that prevents me from being more enthusiastic about this CD. Still, this CD is better than most of the music out there today. And if this CD means we get some more Les Savy Fav live shows, well then I am estatic.


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