Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Don't Hate the Playa Hate the Game

I'm sick of idiots like Kirk Herbstreit and his ilk who have decided to rewrite the rules for college football this year. For some reason, this year it matters less what you have actually accomplished on the field. What actually matters is how much talent you have. Good lord, are these people dumb.

Of course the real issue has to due with the lack of a playoff in college football. Until then, we are stuck with an imperfect system. Yet within this system we should abide some fairly obvious rules. Rules that have generally been followed for decades, yet for some reason this year are obsolete. For example, that your performance within games is the primary indicator of ranking.

Until Florida lost last weekend, I had to hear endless arguments about how Florida should be ranked so high because they have more talent than anyone else and would be favored against any other team if they played on a neutral field. Apparently fantasy games matter more now than real games, as Florida had 2 losses at the time. Yet college football "analysts" were almost universal in their belief that Florida should be ranked ahead of most of the remaining undefeated teams.

Even today, Herbstreit came out with his Top 5 and failed to list Boston College. Yes, the same Boston College that is undefeated and plays in a major conference. Now, before you assume he just had a bunch of other undefeated teams ahead you would be wrong. The logic for 1 loss LSU ahead of undefeated teams? You guessed it, if they lined up the teams on a field and blah blah blah. So I guess we should just have had the Yankees play the Red Sux in the World Series because the regular season doesn't matter. If you lined the teams up on the field...


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