Monday, September 24, 2007

A Profile in Courage: Kwame Kilpatrick

It takes a lot of balls to be this corrupt, which is why Time has decided to highlight this so-called hip-hop mayor of the motor city.

It's a major embarrassment for Michiganders to watch this once proud city continue it's position as the ass of our nation's jokes. Detroit doesn't have a prayer. Not when over 47% of the city's residents (16 and up) are functionally illiterate. Not when the residents believe that the mayor's job is to be some sort of welfare Santa Claus.

Kilpatrick: The City, it belongs to me.

Of course it goes without saying that this Santa takes care of himself too. Kwayme leases a 25,000 Lincoln Navigator for the wife on the tax payer's dime; Then there is the cost of the entourage An entourage that follows him wherever he goes. An entourage that would make the Soprano's blush.

For those keeping track, the city is completely bankrupt and has been for years. The city's budget is a a literal black hole, which is fed more so out of pity than expected results. The residents pay little. Hell most of them are technically squatters and 14% are unemployed. With the average price of 10 grand for a home, the city isn't going to be collecting much.

Then again, the 2 square mile section that contains Commerica Park and Ford Field miraculously continues to grow. Greek town thrives as well as the several shiny casinos; Rising like oasis in the wasteland. I suppose those are good signs, but the good signs are rare. The fact is that the city is falling apart and has been for the past 60 years. The story of Detroit is one of corruption, pain, and lost hope. A city that should be, but will never be.

You would think that enough is enough already. That the people of south-east Michigan would collectively kick Kwame's ass to the curb and try to get some competent people to run the place. You would think, but you would be wrong. I predict the people will elect him again.

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