Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Douchebag in the Morning

If you've ever been unfortunate to listen to Mike North on Chicago sports radio then you already know what a douchebag he is. There's really no bigger jackass then Mike North. While people like to claim he's a Chicago tradition, he's more a Chicago travesty. Only in America could such an untalented person achieve ever his mid-level fame.

Anyway, I try like hell not to listen to the douchebag. But given how awful "Mike & Mike" are, I'm often time found flipping to the Mike North Show. The logic goes that at least he's talking about Chicago sports. And who knows, maybe Steve Stone will be on.

So this morning I was unfortunate to be listening as he was talking about some Forbes pundits list, which may be the dumbest list ever. And he gets to Rosie O'Donnell, who I happen to hate. But that's besides the point. Then he so creatively points out that she's fat (wow, that's why you get a radio show in Chicago I guess). Not content to just ridicule her appearance*, he proceeds to ridicule her sexual orientation, calling her a carpet muncher among other things. All the time you have his idiot sidekicks hooting and hollering.

Now, I'm not exactly sure why this comment outraged me so much. Afterall, I used to listen to Howard Stern a lot. But I guess it was the fact that this was a sporrts radio show and there was absolutely no humorous or satirical context around it. It was just a bigoted statement meant to slur an entire group of people. It's 2007 people - have we really not progreesed beyong juvenile junior high bathroom humor?

I actually think there should be outrage over this guy. Besides this comment he repeatedly uses racial slurs against an entire host of groups. It's offensive to me and I hope to a large majority of Chicagoans. He's in his right to make those statements. And I'm in right to never listen to this disgusting excuse of a human being ever again. What a f$ckin' douchebag!

*It's funny how all these shock jock wannabes are very unattractive yet spend so much time ridiculing the appearance of others. If I didn't know better I might think they were projecting.


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