Thursday, February 15, 2007

We Are at War...With Rambo

On Tuesday I happened to catch the "Family Ties" episode where Mallory brings home Nick for the first time. Not sure why but that's the episode that's always on whenever I happen to find a rerun (better than the brutal Revolutionary War episode). Anyway, it is one of the single greatest sitcom episodes of all time. There are laugh out loud moments the entire episode. My favorite line is when Michael Gross says - "We are at war...with Rambo". Brilliant!

After watching that episode, I'm reminded by how much of a comedic genius Michael Gross was. His delivery and facial expressionsare just perfect. I would argue he's the most overlooked/underrated TV actor ever. Take his show. If you asked people what they remember about "Family Ties", the first response would probably involve Michael J Fox or Alex Keaton. Second would probably be how ugly the young girl was. I'm guessing Mallory would be third. And Meredith Baxtor Birney would be 4th. It's possible that Skippy would get a mention before Steven.

Yet Michael Gross is absolutely hysterical. He is the one actor who cracks me up more than any of the other actors. The weird thing is that when I think of episodes it's usually something to do with Michael J Fox. And that's probably because the episodes were written to feature him. But when I watch the episodes, Michael Gross is definitely the star, even in a supporting role. Hopefully the release of "Family Ties" onto DVD will remind people just how great Michael Gross was.


Blogger Useless Man said...

Michael Gross should have changed his name. He gets religated to the bad part of memory because of simple word association.

He should have been called Michael Awesome. Or even coat-tailed the kid star and called himself Micheal K. Fox.

2/20/2007 10:54:00 AM  

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